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What We Do At The NPT

The National Parks Trust currently manages 21 National Parks which include 20 terrestrial parks, such as ......Read More

Our Conservation Projects

Sample icon 2 Restoring endangered, endemic or indigenous species is one of the NPT’s most critical programmes ...Read More

Our Mission

Sample icon 3 "To preserve and manage designated natural and cultural areas in order to improve the quality of life in the British Virgin Islands."


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    This Protected Areas System Plan provides the policy framework for the management of protected areas in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Ensuring that the system of protected areas provides the full range of benefits to the current and future generations of BVIslanders require the cooperation and active participation of relevant institutions and groups in the public, private, and civil society sectors, as well as the general public.

  • NPT Guide Book
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    Over the years the National Parks Trust has grown from a voluntary organisation to one that is now professionally staffed. Its responsibilities have also increased from managing one National Park (Sage Mountain) in 1964 to managing nineteen National Parks in 2002, and it is anticipated that more parks will be declared in the future..

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